Another stellar set of GCSE results at AKS Lytham

Another stellar set of GCSE results at AKS Lytham

Another stellar set of GCSE results at AKS Lytham

PUBLISHED 25 August 2022

The strong tradition of excellent academic outcomes continued at AKS this year, ensuring our students are well-prepared for Sixth Form. 

Once again, the diversity of accomplishments is testament to the level of engagement both in and beyond the classroom, reflecting the growing recognition of the positive impact that experiences gained out of the classroom have on academic results.  

Examples include Pippa (nine 9s and a 9 in Further Maths) who is an active member of many school societies, including Amnesty International and our Speakers' Club. She is a frequent contributor to our school-wide photography competitions and was featured in the local press as a ‘kind-hearted teen’ for her ‘Pebbles of Hope’ initiative in the first lockdown of 2020. She is currently undertaking her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Anna is also celebrating nine 9s. An aspiring medic, she co- founded the school’s Medical Society. She plays both piano and violin, as well as being a member of the Choir and Concert Band. She took part in this year’s Music Tour to Germany and is also currently undertaking her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.  

 Aki (nine 9s and an 8 in Further Maths) was a mainstay of the U16 team on this Summer’s South African Rugby tour. He’s also represented the school at football and is a valued member of the CCF. 

Eisa and Ayushi both achieved nine 9s and a 9 in Further Maths. In addition to his studies, Esia has made an active contribution to our Medical Society, Scholars’ Society and is working towards his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Ayushi is also a member of our Student Leadership Committee, the school’s Amnesty International group and Medical Society, in addition to gaining her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.  

John (five 9s, four 8s, one 7 and an 8 in Further Maths) plays rugby for Lancashire and also had a key role in this Summer’s Rugby Tour to South Africa. He will take his passion for the sport to Fylde RFU this Autumn as a volunteer coach for the U12s, which will contribute to his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Olivia (seven 9s, two 8s and an 8 in Further Maths) gained her outstanding results in addition to attending the U17 Regional Performance Centre for Hockey and playing for the Pennine Pumas U16 Squad (North of England). She also represents the school at hockey, football and netball. 

Jazz pianist and keen hockey player, Zara (seven 9s, two 8s and a 9 in Further Maths), is also an active contributor to the school co-curricular programme, including Silver Duke of Edinburgh, Amnesty International, Bring Me Sunshine, the Student Leadership Committee and was a key contributor to our International Women’s Day initiatives. 

Talented musician, Dev, achieved six 9s, three 8s and a 9 in Further Maths alongside being a phenomenal pianist and playing the trumpet in our Swing Band. He is looking forward to studying Maths, Chemistry and Biology in Sixth Form. 

Headmaster David Harrow said:  

“For so many people across the country, this first set of public exam results follows a time of profound challenge and change. More than ever, I am thrilled to celebrate with our students their successes at GCSE, but that celebration extends well beyond their grades. 

We often talk about there being no typical AKS student but, if there is one thing that characterises them, it is their sense of energy and endeavour, of wanting to make a difference for themselves and others in a whole host of areas. That might be in achieving straight 9s, or playing representative sport, or performing on stage, or actively engaging with an essential social issue on a local or global level, or simply rising to the challenges ahead of them. I am incredibly excited to see this great group of young people move into the Sixth Form and the next step in their education.” 

Head of Sixth Form, Kevin Maund added:  

“Having supported our students through the process of identifying their A level options, I am excited to see them progress. Their wider contributions, achievements and interests are phenomenal and will set them in good stead for success at Sixth Form and beyond. I also look forward to welcoming the talented and inspiring students from across our surrounding area who will also be joining us.” 



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Engaging, challenging and relevant to today's world, students gain more than an exceptional academic education at AKS. Our world-class co-curricular programme provides experiences outside the classroom which contribute to exam and future success.   

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AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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