Successful Year 7 residential to Ingleton

Successful Year 7 residential to Ingleton

Successful Year 7 residential to Ingleton

PUBLISHED 04 July 2022

The year 7 residential has successfully taken place again this year in Ingleton. This residential geography trip builds on the knowledge and understanding that the year 7 students have gained in the classroom over the last year. The students are taken caving, to study the limestone features of the area and to undertake a piece of underground mathematics! As rivers and fluvial features are taught in year 7, the students complete the Ingleton waterfalls walk to see spectacular waterfalls and gorges, alongside undertaking a river study in the nearby Barbondale.  

In order to further their geographical skills, the students also investigate the land use of Ingleton and complete a survey of the people they meet in the village. A trip to the source of the River Ribble and the Ribbblehead viaduct and an evening spent in the open-air swimming pool in Ingleton complete the activities- not bad for only three days away!

All the year 7 students were a delight on the trip and were good company. Many thanks to the staff who accompanied the trip, Ingleton youth hostel for hosting us so well and Steve, for ensuring our caving trip is as safe and enjoyable as possible. 

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