Year 6 share their work with parents

Year 6 share their work with parents

Year 6 share their work with parents

PUBLISHED 24 June 2022

This morning, the Prep Hall was abuzz with pupils sharing the projects and work they had chosen to share with parents. This informal event is a tradition in Prep School, where the children take the lead in sharing their knowledge and areas of interest, facilitated by Mr Rice and Mr Avis.

In addition to sharing their work with their own parents, Mrs Ilhan encouraged parents to move around the room to also find out about others’ work. This presents a fantastic two-way learning opportunity, insightful for the parents, given the breadth of work undertaken, whilst also giving the children the opportunity to talk to adults who they may not know about their work and interests. This process was not only enjoyable but also supports Mr Rice’s emphasis on the importance of oral literacy as a skill for life.

The variety and standard of work on display was phenomenal, including a poster of a Tall Boy Bomb and V2 Rocket, detailed models of a WWII bunker and tank/army formation, a scrapbook charting the story of the Kinder Transport, Greater Depth maths work, creative writing inspired by The Lady of Shalott (but with a modern spin!) and stunning artwork of a heron and kingfisher.

Before the ‘show and share’ session began, Mrs Howarth (mother of children in both Year 7 and Year 6) explained the similarities of this approach with the Inquiry Learning Event which is the culmination of project work in both Year 7 and Year 12. The published book of Year 7 projects was available for parents to see and understand the next step in their child’s educational journey.

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Prep School
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