Year 9 Hardspell House competition

Year 9 Hardspell House competition

Year 9 Hardspell House competition

PUBLISHED 18 June 2022

Mid-June heralded the welcome reappearance of a long-standing feature in the AKS House competition calendar: Year 9 Hardspell.  Gawthorpe faced-off against Rufford in one semi-final duel, whilst Samlesbury confronted Leighton in the other; fierce orthographical frenzy then generated a final pairing of Rufford and Samlesbury, with the former emerging as winners this time around (42-30). 

As you might imagine, Year 9 proved more than a match for some particularly discombobulating vocabulary over the course of the three days of competition.  Taciturn, budgerigar, portcullis, supersede and perceived were dispatched (all words which featured) without a murmur (and that was another). 

The watching audience of pupils from this same year group were royally entertained by the air of spirited competition, tenacity, teamwork and toned buzzer fingers – well done to all Houses and thanks, too, to Miss Johnson and Mr Smyth for their tallying of totals throughout the week.

John Bridges, Head of English

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Senior School
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