Great evening of athletics against Ripley St.Thomas sees all teams win and Charlotte Yr 8 break school record.

Great evening of athletics against Ripley St.Thomas sees all teams win and Charlotte Yr 8 break school record.

Great evening of athletics against Ripley St.Thomas sees all teams win and Charlotte Yr 8 break school record.

PUBLISHED 17 May 2022

It was another superb evening of athletics as 3 boys and 3 girls AKS teams competed against Ripley St.Thomas in a full program of track and field events and there was a host of great performances despite the very windy conditions. Highlight of the evening was a superb performance by Year 8 Charlotte L who set an new school record of 13.6s in winning the  Year 8 100m.

Talented Yr 7 athletes Anna V and Camilla C again impressed with both girls winning all three of their events. Anna won the hurdles with a time of 12.7s and also won the javelin ( 21.66m) and discus (17.26) while Camilla recorded victories in the 100m (13.8) 200m (30.1) and Long Jump (3.89m) Olivia D also impressed in the discus with a throw of 17.26m for joint first and 14.2 s in 100m for 2nd place. Other great performances came from Freya H to finish 2nd in hurdles and Gracie G 3rd in Long Jump. Overall the team finished as winners with 52points to Ripley 33points.

The Year 8 saw more talented athletes record impressive wins with Amelia H first in hurdles (13.3s) and 300m and Charlotte L complete the sprint double winning the 100m and 200m as well as the Long Jump. Lily G and Niamh M made it an AKS 1-2 in the shot both with great putts over 7m while Poppy M won the 800m with Hannah A in second. The team also came out on top scoring 59 points to Ripley 32.

The Year 9/10 combined match couldn’t have been closer with AKS finishing just one point ahead of Ripley scoring 47 points to Ripley 46 thanks to a great team effort. Carly Wcontinued her fine early season form recording wins in the 200m and long jump for the second match while there were also wins for Kirtika S with an impressive time of 48.9 in her first ever 300m race, Evie F in the Javelin with a great throw of 24.08 m in the very difficult windy conditions and Lisa P in the hurdles. There were also second place finishes in the 200m for the ever improving Anya D and for Evie F in the Discus.

In the boys competition a much improved performances by the Year 7 team saw them win the match 51 points to 39. Matthew Sharples was the top performer with three wins in the 200m, 800m and Javelin and there were also wins for Oakley W in the 100m, David Howarth in the Shot and William G in the Discus.

Year 8 boys also won 53points to 37 with Leo M achieving the sprint double winning the 100m (12.8s) & 200m. Also on the track Joe A and Cody B were 1st and 2nd in the 800m and Matthew P won the 300m. In the field Charlie F won the Long Jump with a leap of 4.10m and the shot 10.18m

The Year 9/10 boys competition was just as close as the girls with just 3 points separating the teams with AKS again coming out on top 31 points to Ripley’s 28. There was another sprint double with Finn R winning the 100m and 200m and he also finished second in the Long Jump, which was won by Felix T with a superb jump of 5.22m. Stan M continued his good form with wins in the discus and Shot and 3rd place in the 100m.

Overall superb performances from all the athletes saw AKS victorious in all age groups and in both the boys and girls matches overall and now the athletes look forward to the English School Cup competition next week.

Full Resluts for boys & girls attached.

AUTHOR: Kay Hanham
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