Autumn Term Prep School Drama - An article by Miss M Worthington

Autumn Term Prep School Drama - An article by Miss M Worthington

Autumn Term Prep School Drama - An article by Miss M Worthington

PUBLISHED 17 December 2021

This term things have been very theatrical for Prep School pupils in Years 3 – 6. Here’s a little snapshot of what the pupils have been getting up to:

Year 3 & Year 4:

With Mr Thomas Year 3 & 4 pupils have been exploring the wonderfully weird world of Roald Dahl. Year 3 studied James and the Giant Peach and Year 4 delved into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. During their lessons, pupils got to grips with these iconic stories and explored these very creative characters. Once roles were allocated pupils then had the opportunity to work with the script as they used their three main acting skills as they brought the scene from the page to the stage. From here it was lights, camera action as the Drama Studio was abuzz with excitement as performers took to centre stage. Some even got to perform to an audience of Year 7 pupils – who were most impressed by the talent on display.

Year 5:

With Miss Worthington Year 5 are looking at their very first theatre history topic. Pupils are learning all about Melodrama. So far pupils have explored their use of an exaggerated acting style looking at conveying emotions using the three main acting skills. Pupils have also workshopped performing as the different stock characters associated with this style of performance, including heroes and villains. Currently, pupils are planning their big melodrama performances and are excited for their turn to shine on stage.

Year 6:

With Miss Worthington Year 6 looked at their very first theatre history topic. Pupils learnt all about the origins of slapstick theatre. Taking inspiration from classic slapstick performers such as Laurel and Hardy pupils utilised and expressive and exaggerated acting skills to practically explore the 10 different physical comedy techniques such as trip, slip, fall and slap. From here pupils got to planning their own pieces. The challenge here was to communicate meaning without using dialogue. With the lights up and the slapstick musical track playing, performers took to the stage. I was very impressed by the energy and exaggeration of each performer, they created multiple comic moments and it really looked like they were having the best time.

We all very much look forward to returning to our drama lessons in the new year.

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