Year 6 start Cooking with Rice

Year 6 start Cooking with Rice

Year 6 start Cooking with Rice

PUBLISHED 17 September 2021

After much anticipation, our Year 6 pupils started "Cooking with Rice" this week. 

For a month, Year 6 will be focusing on pasta dishes. This week they made the classic sauce, Pesto.  Originating from Genoa, the Italian Pesta is the verb to 'crush', going alongside the traditional methods of using a pestle.  They learnt that 'pesto' is a generic term for anything that is made by crushing.  That is why there are several varieties of pesto in Italy. Pesto alla Genovese being the most popular.  

Our excited pupils began by smelling the fresh basil, chopping garlic, and then pan-frying pine nuts.  They added the ingredients to a blender (not a pestle and mortar) and were done.  A quick, healthy, easy dinner that the children were immensely proud to cook for their parents. 

Next week at 5pm our children (and parents) can look forward to penne all arrabbiata! 

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