Prep School Sport Development

Prep School Sport Development

Prep School Sport Development

PUBLISHED 15 September 2019

Prep school sport is characterised by variety, inclusivity, challenge and skill-development. All students get to participate and gain the benefit from being active and contributing to a team.

AKS Prep School Sport has got off to a flying start this term with the boys and girls from Year 5 and 6 enjoying their first Fixture Friday with the visit of Leeds Grammar School for both rugby and netball.

In glorious AKS sunshine, all the boys in Year 5 and 6 played two very competitive matches against tough opposition, as usual all boys played the games in great spirit and there were lots of positives, notably for the Year 5’s were performances from David and Jonny.

The girls fielded three netball teams and played competitively against the opposition with some great team play and individual performances. Once again, the girls demonstrated a great attitude and AKS spirit towards their visitors throughout.

Week 1 has seen the launch of all the lunch and after school clubs which has been well received by the children. With many new activities and sports on offer all children can explore new skills and team game environments. Wednesday’s Dodgeball seemed to be very popular with over thirty pupils from Years 5 and 6 signing up for the club.

The AKS Prep School Sports Teams' season kicks off this term with many fixtures forthcoming. Pupils need to attend the relevant clubs to be accepted into the squads.

This week also saw our junior (KS2) children Years 3 to 6 start their swimming lessons at our local pool. Each child is assessed by the swimming coaches at the start of the term to enable groups to be allocated by ability. The groups are not fixed and over the course of the term children may move between the groups once the coaches are happy they are able to perform the correct strokes and techniques. It was great to see the children enjoy themselves and that all went swimmingly!

Mr Moretti, AKS Preparatory School Sports Coordinator

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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