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Team Compassion mark World Kindness Day

Team Compassion mark World Kindness Day

PUBLISHED 13 November 2020

Written by Eleanor Jessop on behalf of Team Compassion 

Today is World Kindness Day and because of this we wanted to spread some kindness. Several members of staff have kept in contact with an elderly member of the community during lockdown to ‘check-in and chat’ with them.

Bev Sykes, founder of Just Good Friends continues to send her gratitude to all those who have helped to ensure her members stay connected to the outside world. In a recent communication she told us: “I don't think staff realise just how amazing they are for doing this and just how much it has helped the lonely and the isolated. Team Compassion have spent the day today celebrating each act of kindness by giving out awards.

 “We had the award specifically designed to commemorate these achievements, especially during the first lockdown.” Alfie K (Year 8)

 “We hope you will agree the rainbow design is quite iconic and we hope that anyone who receives one will wear it with pride.” Harry J (Year 8)    

As a group of Year 8 students, we know the importance of compassion and we hope to develop an even stronger culture of kindness at AKS Lytham. We want to ensure we are known to be the kindest place around!

 “A little compassion goes along way and can make a huge difference to those who may be struggling. We urge everyone today to be kind and continue to think about others.” Sammy C (Year 8) 

We have lots of these awards to give out over the next few weeks to recognise all the unselfish acts that took place during lockdown. If we knew about it then, hold tight, the likelihood is you will receive a badge soon. However, there will be some individuals who we do not know about. So, if you know anyone who should be recognised for an award you can nominate them using the link below.  

You can nominate anyone in the AKS Community, students, teachers, support staff, parents or members of Alumni.    

Eleanor Jessop on behalf of Team Compassion 

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