AKS Virtual Fixture against 4 other UL schools!

AKS Virtual Fixture against 4 other UL schools!

AKS Virtual Fixture against 4 other UL schools!

PUBLISHED 19 November 2020

Come on AKS!

This Saturday 21st November, we have accepted a challenge to compete against four other United Learning Schools: Ashford School, Dunottar School, Surbiton High School and Hitchin Independent School.


The challenge is for us as a community (students, staff, parents and families) to walk, run or cycle as far as possible in 30 minutes on Saturday. Although this is a fixture, the ultimate objective at this present time is to keep our school community active, healthy and happy.


Our results will be compared against the four other competing schools.

1.       The average miles completed in 30 minutes by our students in Years 7 – 13.

2.       The total distance travelled (miles) by the AKS community.


Along with this, we will also use the results internally for an Inter House competition.  Everyone taking part in this event is required to fill in a separate form by using the link below.




1.       Please follow the Government guidance during the lockdown period by exercising with only one other person outside of your household or with only members in your household.

2.       Plan a safe route and ensure you are suitably hydrated.

3.       Social distancing is important, so be mindful of this when completing your exercise.

4.       Ensure parents are fully aware that you are taking part in this exercise challenge and encourage them to take part too.

5.       Take a screenshot of your exercise covered on your fitbit, watch or app used to calculate the distance covered. Send this picture along as evidence over Microsoft Forms before 6:00pm Sunday deadline in order for it to count towards the whole school total.


If you take any pictures/videos during the challenge, please tag them into our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Twitter: @AKSSport      Instagram: aks_peandsport or email them to Andrea.Demiranda@akslytham.com


You have until 6:00pm on Sunday 22nd November to upload your results.  Let's get active as a whole school community by getting behind this venture. How many miles can our AKS Community cover?

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