International Day – Celebrating Different Countries and Cultures

International Day – Celebrating Different Countries and Cultures

International Day – Celebrating Different Countries and Cultures

PUBLISHED 12 May 2023

What a spectacular International Day that the Prep school enjoyed this week themed around sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences. It was a chance for the children to think about cultural Diversity and their role as global citizens.   At the Prep School, we feel it's so important to stimulate the children’s natural curiosity about the world around them and encourage them to form their own opinions and views about different places and cultures.  

Every year group was given a different country to celebrate, and it was wonderful to see the children transform their classrooms to suit their country. They researched famous landmarks, people, traditions, languages and much more.   The children were also given the chance to enter a poster competition which will form part of our new Internationalism feature display at the Prep School. Posters need to be handed in to either Mrs Blinston or Mr Avis by Friday 19th May with the winners to be announced thereafter! 

During the day, the Y6 International leaders visited each classroom to speak to the children and discover the wide range of activities and conversations that were taking place. The children had the opportunity to discuss the different countries and what it means to be global citizens. In next week's assembly, we will find out more exciting things that took place in school and listen to some of the children showcase their own work.  

The catering team did a splendid job creating an international street food market, providing a rich assortment of culinary delights to suit all tastes from the Vegetarian Singapore Noodles to Beef Burritos! Thank you so much to our new Head Chef Tim and all his staff for putting on such an incredible and jaw-dropping spread!  

Later in the afternoon, the children were greeted by the Eurovision panel judges from the Music and Drama Department at the Senior School! We then listened to each year perform and sing their song in different languages.  This was the climax of the day, followed by an energetic freestyle dance that everyone enjoyed, even the teachers! A huge thank you to Mr Thomas for organising this show stopping event and to Mr Hodder and the pupils from the Senior School that supported the live band! 

We also need to thank our MFL teacher Mrs Robinson, for the outstanding language activities and games she organised throughout the day. What a wondrous feat Mrs Robinson achieved, organising all the language activities and games for every year group at the Prep School.  A special mention also to Mrs Chen for working with the KS1 children and singing a wonderful 'number' song in Mandarin during the celebration assembly.  

Finally, thank you to Mrs Blinston and Mr Avis who organised the day, which is now going to be an annual event at the Prep School. Well done everyone! 

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