Educational Quality Inspection (October 2022): AKS receives highest rating, 'Excellent'

Educational Quality Inspection (October 2022): AKS receives highest rating, 'Excellent'

Educational Quality Inspection (October 2022): AKS receives highest rating, 'Excellent'

PUBLISHED 14 December 2022

In October, we were visited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), for a scheduled Educational Quality and Focused Compliance inspection. 

In an Educational Quality Inspection, independent schools are judged on the outcomes for students, in terms of the qualities of pupils’ academic and other achievements and on the quality of pupils’ personal development, with a grade being provided for each. 

We are delighted to share that our school was rated as ‘Excellent’ – the highest possible grading – in both categories of the inspection.

The team drew attention to the outstanding attitudes to learning of all of our students; to their facility as oral communicators, able to discuss and debate topics with great confidence and maturity; to their extensive achievements in the academic arena and in the wider co-curriculum; and to how they develop as insightful, assured, shrewd and reflective independent thinkers.

Our students are seen to possess high levels of self-understanding; they show themselves to be resilient and tenacious in the face of challenge; they speak passionately about what matters most in the world, and are fervent about making a difference.

The inspectors noted high levels of achievement beyond AKS, including in regional and national competitions, and recognised the strong sense of community and endeavour in the school. 

From the report:  

‘Pupils are excited by and show a genuine love of learning and embrace all the school has to offer. Supported by the strong culture of achievement […] pupils produce work of an excellent standard and often at a level beyond their years.’ 

‘Pupils possess excellent study skills and they relish academic challenge. More able pupils apply higher level thinking skills in context with ease.’ 

‘Pupils of all ages display a level of maturity often beyond their years, due in part to the culture of reflective practice that is embedded throughout the school.’ 

‘...senior pupils develop a deeper appreciation of cultural differences and the diversity of the traditions around the world by participating in ‘Round Square’ conferences, in places such as India and Canada, and expeditions to countries such as Vietnam and Tanzania.’ 

‘Pupils of all ages spoke with passion and excitement about their achievements, supported by an extensive programme that recognises and nurtures pupils’ talents from an early age.’ 

‘Pupils spoke of a sense of belonging that exists, and of how the school is a happy place to be.’ 

‘Pupils make an excellent contribution to wider society and seek to make a difference. Senior pupils spoke of how the school’s extensive outreach work both locally and globally gives them a better appreciation of the needs of others and of how the ‘Round Square’ ideal of leadership and service is integral to that.’ 

‘School sports teams are successful at local and national level, and individual pupils have represented their country, for example in rugby, football, hockey and archery.’ 

‘Pupils gain places in national orchestras, national youth choirs, and prestigious music schools.’ 



AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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