An Afternoon Christmas do with Just Good Friends

An Afternoon Christmas do with Just Good Friends

An Afternoon Christmas do with Just Good Friends

PUBLISHED 13 December 2022

After another successful Friday night fundraiser over 70 Just Good Friends were welcomed into the Senior School hall for a glorious afternoon of entertainment. Familiar faces mixed with over a dozen new visitors to the school. Steve Shepherd’s catering team provided the first star of the show with a chocolate yuletide log, as the hushed silence of appreciation was only broken with the clinking of spoons on plates.  

Three stars of the show followed next with some of the cast to Chicago running through their signature songs, many thanks to Alex, Liberty and Scarlett for their stunning performances. More music was to follow as Dev delivered a delightful round of ‘Name that Tune’ on the grand piano. ‘Anyone Can Fall in Love’ – the EastEnders theme tune sung by Anita Dobson to start with proved the maestro had got his target audience spot on.  

This afternoon was run with the help of Bring Me Sunshine and the team of pupils from Year 7 to Year 11 ran a superb Christmas quiz and picture round. ‘Play Your Cards Right’ was back to its usual devilish form as only 2 tables out of 14 managed to turn the last card successfully. No games afternoon is complete without finishing with prize bingo and was a fitting end to a ‘right good do’ 

Just Good Friends is a local charity founded by Bev Sykes celebrating its 10th year. It aims to combat loneliness and isolation in the community. We look forward to more afternoons of chat, laughter and games in the new year.  

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