AKS pupils perform at Spotlight in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

AKS pupils perform at Spotlight in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

AKS pupils perform at Spotlight in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

PUBLISHED 28 November 2022

Over The October half term many of our talented AKS pupils performed in Langley’s Annual Spotlight show at Blackpool Tower Ballroom. This showcase was held over three nights where pupils performed modern, tap, ballet, commercial, and jazz routines. 

Here’s what pupils Harleigh & Gracie had to say about their fantastic experience. 

“We choreograph, practice, and perfect our routines from July to October. We have 1-2 dress rehearsals but that can alter depending on how the lighting and music is running. The atmosphere backstage is often a bit stressful as most girls and boys have quick changes (including me!!) We have licensed chaperones who are helping, in which some stand at the curtains to open and close them so the audience doesn’t see who’s on next (we do this, so it has a seamless flow of dances) also it makes sure we are all ready and on stage on time. When you’re standing backstage behind the curtains you usually feel nervous but as soon as the music begins you begin to enjoy yourself! I love performing and it’s so cool that we got to perform in the same venue as the professionals from Strictly Come Dancing” – Harleigh-Mae Year 7  

“I take part in the Spotlight show every year and it is amazing. Performing in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom is an incredible experience that I always look forward to. It is so different from usual dance shows as it is in more of a cabaret style, so it has an unmatched atmosphere. I am always so proud seeing our hard work come together during show week.” – Gracie Year 11 

We would like to congratulate all the participating pupils – what a show, well done!  

Performers included;  

Roma in Year 1 

Winnie in Year 2 

Amelie in Year 3 

Harleigh-Mae in Year 7 

Gracie in Year 8 

Gracie in Year 11 

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