AKS Tycoons take off again!

AKS Tycoons take off again!

AKS Tycoons take off again!

PUBLISHED 17 November 2022

Year 12 students have thrown themselves into the Tycoons Enterprise Competition sponsored by the Peter Jones Foundation. There are 4 groups this year with products typically aimed at the Christmas markets. This is the 8th year of Tycoons and the previous 7 years one of the groups have either topped the leader board or attended the finals and won an award. So, no pressure then! 

Wiquor upcycle wine bottles and create marvellously scented candles with charming designs. Production has gone well with teamworking and problem solving all being demonstrated. All profits go to the Royal British Legion. 

Blitzen Baubles hydro dip Christmas baubles and have organised an efficient production process as well as some keen marketing of their quality products. All profits go to Cancer Research UK. 

Bouji Bottles continue the upcycling theme including one of my favourites a cactus plant in an upcycled holder, amongst an attractive range. All profits go to Macmillan Cancer support. 

Cocoa Christmas were given a masterclass workshop in chocolate by award winning head chef Steve Shepherd and make hot chocolate spoons. They have also developed another revenue stream with a range of handmade Christmas cards. All profits go to the Edward Dee Foundation.  

All 4 groups have faced their ‘Dragons Den’ style pitch to the Ladies Luncheon Club Committee, a famously daunting prospect but also a highly valued part of the Tycoons experience. They have 5 minutes to present their business and convince the LLCC to give them a stall at the November lunch. Much credit must go to the students for their preparation, confident delivery, and ability to field insightful questions. Between you and me I know how nervous the students were!  

Year 12 are a competitive cohort and daily updates of profits, sales and opportunities are the talk of the common room. Cocoa Christmas are notable for their efforts in also helping with the Just New Friends Games Evening. This continues the award-winning social enterprise and I am delighted to be able to support Just Good Friends for another academic year with regular Wednesday meetings of fancy high teas, chat and games.  


Graeme McIntyre 

Head of Business Education  

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