AKS Achieves: a summer of laughter and learning

AKS Achieves: a summer of laughter and learning

AKS Achieves: a summer of laughter and learning

PUBLISHED 29 August 2022

AKS Achieves is our academic enrichment holiday camp for both internal and external pupils. It is the brain-child of Year 6 teacher, Mr Rice, who works with a team of passionate teachers to deliver bespoke holiday education to support development whilst maximising fun. Examples of this Summer's activities have included the following:

Supporting the curriculum (mornings):

⭐ Working on the effectiveness of opening paragraphs from famous books such as 1984 and A Christmas Carol

⭐ Preparing children for entrance exams

⭐ Recapping key Maths skills

⭐ Learning new words to enrich creative writing

⭐ Daily reading, recapping of spelling, phonics, and grammar

Beyond the curriculum (group-work, afternoons):

⭐ Learning about planets

⭐ Building circuits and connecting them to a motor with a solar panel

⭐ Creating a weather station with a self-sustaining watering plant system (logging temperature, humidity, and wind speed at different parts of the day to analyse how our pressure system works)

⭐ Building a sodium-powered car

⭐ Creating soap

⭐ Designing natural structures that would protect and egg from a 4 metre drop

⭐ Creating marble art

⭐ Coding a robot 

"I didn't want each day to end", participant feedback

"AKS Achieves is an incredible service for the children. At first, my son was reluctant to come into school, let alone a different one.  Then he bounced in each day, he was excited to see the incredible activities Mr Rice put on.  Mr Rice has sparked something within my boy that will last a lifetime.  Thank you, Mr Rice and AKS", AKS Achieves external parent

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Prep School
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