Year 3 & 4 residential to Borwick Hall

Year 3 & 4 residential to Borwick Hall

Year 3 & 4 residential to Borwick Hall

PUBLISHED 13 June 2022

Year 4 departed in glorious sunshine on Monday 6th June to arrive at Borwick Hall, their home for the next few days. The children were excited to be going on their first residential.  

The first day was very busy. The children’s first job was to make their own bed. This was the first big challenge and led to some laughter as they helped each other with the big duvet covers. Our first activity was orienteering. The class split into groups of two or three and were given a map of the site with markers on which they had to find. Within the hour their confidence grew and communication skills as they found more and more markers. They enjoyed stamping their cards too.  

After dinner of pizza and chips, the children enjoyed an evening of indoor caving and bouldering. After some initial hesitations with some about entering the caves, the children enthusiastically ran from tunnel to tunnel. The day ended with hot chocolate, cookies and a game of bingo. 

The next day brought the excitement of a game of archery and the challenge called the 'Leap of Faith' (a 7-metre pole which you climb and then jump off). Everyone had a go at both activities with lots of cheers and applause as Year 4 rallied to encourage each other.  

Year 3 joined Year 4 for lunch before setting off together, in beautiful sunshine, on a rocky ramble which took the children to see an amazing view over Morecambe Bay. Night-time was enjoyed by making campfires and watching and tasting popcorn made on the open fire. After a quick hot chocolate, everyone was ready for bed!  

As the children woke to their last day, many did not want to leave as they were having such a good time, they prepared themselves for the pond traverse. A cooked breakfast was much needed before heading off to put on harnesses and helmets. As they swung from different ropes over the water, Year 3 and Year 4 again encouraged each other positively. Some even decorated their faces with mud to camouflage with their surroundings. 

We waved goodbye to our instructors (Chris, Mick and Izzy) and headed back to AKS on the coach.  

We are very proud of the children for taking on the different challenges, being away from home, taking risks, coming out of their comfort zone, showing teamwork and tenacity. They also made some fantastic memories and bonded even closer as a group. 

Pupil reflections from Year 4: 

“I grew as a person as this was my first sleep away from home.” - Austin 

“I also liked the caving even though I was terrified and when I got used to it I felt more confident.” - Emily 

“I never thought I could do that” (speaking about the pond traverse activity) - Thomas 

“I have learnt that I'm stronger and braver than I thought” - Poppy O 

Pupil reflections from Year 3:

"I liked the rocky ramble hike and the challenge of the course over the pond." - Evie

"I really enjoyed spending time with my friends around the campfire and working together in teams." - Emilia

"I liked the rock climbing and the tunnels, being with my friends and having fun!"- Sienna

"Being able to complete an obstacle course across the pond and travelling on the rope swing. It was amazing!" - James


AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Prep School
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