Managing your Mindset Workshops - Enhanced Sports Performance Programme

Managing your Mindset Workshops - Enhanced Sports Performance Programme

Managing your Mindset Workshops - Enhanced Sports Performance Programme

PUBLISHED 07 January 2022

The Managing your Mindset sessions are aimed at harnessing your mind to achieve your peak performance. There are sessions for both students (Years 7-13) and all AKS parents, delivered by Simon Clarkson as part of our Enhanced Sports Performance Programme (ESPP). 

Where and when:
Sessions will take place in the Senior School hall on the dates listed below. There are two sessions on each topic, tailored for audiences as follows:
  • 4.00-4.45pm - Students (Years 7-13)
  • 7.00-7.45pm - AKS parents from all-year groups welcome (Nursery/Prep/Senior/Sixth Form)

Introducing Simon:

Simon is a performance, culture and mindset specialist and Director of “Think Works”, who has worked with Santander, Deutsche Bank, Oracle, Johnson & Johnson, Aegon, BBC and many SMEs; Public Sector bodies, such as the NHS and Fire Service; and sporting clients, from Olympians and F1 teams to Premiership Rugby and Premier League Football. He has also worked extensively in education, as a regular guest lecturer in further education, as well as within schools to both pupils and staff alike. These sessions will focus predominantly on realising potential, developing growth mindsets, mental skills and resilience.

What to expect:

Sports theories and principles can be applied to many different environments and can help develop how we all deal with life’s challenges. These workshops are aimed at developing a positive mindset, utilising self-evaluation and reflection.

“By learning to understand, manage and use your brain in an effective way, you will achieve peak performance”, Simon Clarkson.


The following workshops will take place this academic year. Next year's events will be communicated in September.

1. Thursday 13th January, "Motivation - simple not easy”  

These are two different concepts, but we often mix them up and this can hold us back from maximising our potential.  There are many things that are simple in context but not easy to do.  Working hard towards an end result is perhaps the most obvious one.  You want results?  Work hard.  Simple?  Yes. Easy? No.  
Getting our mindset right is a vital component of performing at our best.  Simple but not easy… The first step is simply being aware of what's happening in our head.  If we are aware of it, we can act on it.  
2. Monday 14th March, “Resilience - dealing with setbacks” 
The ability to concentrate under pressure and the ability to overcome setbacks and disappointments are all key areas of sporting development. We will focus upon what simple psychology tells us as to how we can develop these and enhance their effectiveness.  
How do we deal with failure or challenges as they happen (to be able to retain focus) as well as in the immediate aftermath, so they help us to progress?
3. Thursday 12th May, “Dealing with pressure/nerves - reducing stress” 
Stress is proven to lower performance levels.  Understanding what causes performance anxiety and what causes stress is key to being able not just to manage, it but to minimise it where possible.  
How can we help ourselves to get into the right emotional state, when we can more rationally and most importantly, ‘authentically’ deliver our best performance? This goes for sport as well as any pressured environment, such as exams.  We’ll explore a simple version of cognitive theory to understand practical steps you can take.
4. Monday 20th June,“Building strong habits - making progress automatic” 

The truth is, goals don't win medals on their own - the systems and habits we build are the key to achieving those goals.  How do we build habits and process-based goals to support our ambitions?  

How do we build new habit loops to make the harder things more automatic and therefore easier to repeat?
Further information:
For further information about the ESPP programme, please contact
For further information about sport at AKS, visit our website.
AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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