Over 200 take part in the Virtual Sports Fixture Challenge

Over 200 take part in the Virtual Sports Fixture Challenge

Over 200 take part in the Virtual Sports Fixture Challenge

PUBLISHED 27 November 2020

Last weekend many of you took part in the Virtual Sports Fixture Challenge. A huge thank you to the 200+ members of our AKS community; pupils, staff, family members and Governors who took part in the Virtual 30 minute walk, run, cycle challenge that took place against 4 other United Learning Schools. It was fantastic to see such happy faces on the pictures sent in on the @AKSSport Twitter account. We had some very positive feedback from those of you who enjoyed going out on family and individual walks, runs and bike rides.  

The Inter House competition could not have been closer: 

1st = Leighton and Samlesbury 29 

3rd = Gawthorpe 26 

4th = Rufford 22 

In the five-school challenge, we covered 850 miles which averaged out at 4.1 miles/participant. The average scores by the other schools ranged between 3.83 and 4.79 miles. Across the five schools over 1200 people participated and 7000 miles were covered.  

At AKS the split was as follows: 

106 students 

20 Staff 

60 Parents 

17 Family members 

2 Governors 

The most important part of this challenge was for us all to challenge ourselves individually over the 30-minute period. It would be great on the back of this to continue to make progress each weekend and try to beat your personal best. Each weekend we will send out a Tweet ‘Beat Your Best Challenge Let's Stay Active’, on the @AKSSport Twitter page. For any of you who wish to take part, add a photograph and the distance covered during a weekend 30-minute activity. For those who regularly train, the challenge could be how far you can go in an hour. 

In the New Year, we will take the same challenge again, against the four same UL Schools, which will give us all something to train for. 

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