Year 6 visit the GHS Hindu Temple

Year 6 visit the GHS Hindu Temple

Year 6 visit the GHS Hindu Temple

PUBLISHED 08 June 2024

In a vibrant corner of Preston, Year 6 students embarked on an enlightening journey to the Gujarat Hindu Society (GHS) Temple. Their purpose? To enhance their understanding of Hinduism, a topic they had been studying in Religious Studies class this term. The temple tour included marveling at intricate architecture, observing puja rituals, and immersing themselves in Hindu culture.

The children were captivated by the temple’s prayer hall, adorned with vibrant paintings and intricate freezes depicting Hindu deities. Each shrine held significance, representing different aspects of Hinduism. As they listened to the knowledgeable Committee Guru, they learned about the various gods and goddesses, their stories, and their role in Hindu worship. The puja trays, meticulously arranged for each shrine, contained offerings like fragrant flowers, incense, and sweet treats. The ringing of bells, lighting of lamps, and rhythmic chanting of mantras left a lasting impression on the children.

Beyond religious aspects, the temple visit provided cultural insights. Pupils discovered traditional clothing, music, and dance associated with Hindu festivals and even had the opportunity to partake in a group mediation session. They appreciated the diversity within Hinduism, as it encompasses various practices, beliefs, and regional customs. The positive feedback from pupils and teachers echoed throughout the temple, leaving the children with a deeper appreciation for a faith that emphasizes unity, compassion, and devotion.

Thank you everyone , especially Mrs Blinston, RS Coordinator for organising the visit.

Mr Avis. 



AUTHOR: Alex Brown
CATEGORIES: News, Prep School
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