STEM Rolls-Royce competition success!

STEM Rolls-Royce competition success!

STEM Rolls-Royce competition success!

PUBLISHED 20 November 2023

Last year, our Design & Technology department embarked upon a competition challenge, set externally by Rolls-Royce, to come up with a community project under the theme of Sustainability.  Annually each year, Rolls-Royce offer the chance for schools to come together and compete

As a company, RR recognise the important part teacher play in inspiring the next generation and since 2004 they have offered the chance for schools to participate and earn school funding. Please check out their website here Schools Prize for Science & Technology | Rolls-Royce

Because of the rising cost of manufacturing materials and general concern for the environment, D&T staff initially experimented with the idea of being able to make an AKS alternative to MDF (instead of always buying material). Following initial design and testing stages D&T have managed to secure a Rolls-Royce Special Merit Award and initial funding, to enable them to put their plan in action.

Today, we have some exciting news to share….

Here at AKS Lytham we are pleased to announce that we have managed to reach the final stages of the prestigious RR competition & we are now competing nationally against 5 other schools.  This is an exciting time for our S.T.E.M subjects, as we have managed to secure finalist funding and also a RR mentor.  We have enlisted a good amount of student volunteers, interested in S.T.EM careers and the chance to work as part of a team, to make a real difference.

Each month we will be sharing our progress in the competition, both on our website and social media.  Please check out our first competition diary, completed before half term.

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