Year 3 get stuck in at Science Fest 2023!

Year 3 get stuck in at Science Fest 2023!

Year 3 get stuck in at Science Fest 2023!

PUBLISHED 22 May 2023

The children in Year 3 had a fantastic day at UCLAN last week, participating in Science Fest 2023!

Their first activity saw them experience hands-on Healthcare: Science in the Operating Theatre in which they learned all about how to prepare for surgery, and the specialist equipment that is used in operations and general practice. Their favourite part of this section was definitely practicing keyhole surgery!

Their second activity was around Engineering Humans. This was all about how humans can create exoskeletons and extra limbs out of robotics to allow people who may have lost the ability to do certain things to do them again, such as a person in a wheelchair being able to walk again.

The next activity saw pupils take a trip to the Sun! They explored the Sun's surface and found out that you can fit over a million Earths inside the Sun!

Finally, they got to look around the Science Fair and partake in lots of different activities and experiments, such as becoming crime scene investigators, safe crackers, creating different structures, analysing fingerprints and so much more.

A member of the UCLAN staff complimented our children on how amazing their inventiveness and ability to solve problems are! Overall, an amazing day and Prep look forward to going again next year! 

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