Year 4 and Year 3 play Hoodwinked

Year 4 and Year 3 play Hoodwinked

Year 4 and Year 3 play Hoodwinked

PUBLISHED 23 March 2023

Year 4, with Year 3 in supporting roles, put on an amazing and outstanding show this week for the school as well as family and friends of AKS. 

The tale of 'Hoodwinked' starts in 'Ye Olde Market Town' where we meet the Villagers who are 'revolting' as the wicked Sheriff insists on putting a tax on everything and anything - including the air we breathe! The Sheriff's poor old Deputy is always getting into trouble.

We then met the adventurers in 'Ye Olde Forest'. Robin Hood, Friar Tuck and Robin's merry Men were all there with their bag of jewels.

Nearby, the Friars were having a picnic. They had been enjoying a delicious chicken leg!

Lastly, we met Maid Maiden and her Ladies-in-Waiting. They love to dance and sing.

King Richard finally returns from the Crusades in time to save his beloved town and restore law and order.

Our Narrator made sure we were always well-informed and keeping up with the plot.

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