"Cooking with Rice" is a phenomenal success!

"Cooking with Rice" is a phenomenal success!

"Cooking with Rice" is a phenomenal success!

PUBLISHED 04 February 2021

Remote Cooking Lessons for Year 6

"Cooking with Rice" became a weekly highlght for Year 6 during lockdown last year - and it continues to be a huge success and big hit! A new dish is cooked each week and students have made risotto, penne al'arribata, ratatouille and many other delicious dishes. This week a tasty chicken katsu curry was made and has been an absolute favourite - traditionally hailing from Japan, this dish compromises of panko breadcrumb coated chicken in a thick curry sauce and rice. 


Mr Rice explains where the dishes originates from, the meaning of their names and how they have evolved with local variations.  It's also a super opportunity for students to learn kitchen skills, such as cutting vegetables in different ways.


Student Anika told us "I've learnt so much, school isn't just about maths and English, we learn life skills too!" 


Students have a real sense of pride being able to cook a dish for their family and the experience has widened their knowledge and enjoyment of food!

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