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Charity Partners

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AKS Partnership Committee

Working with local, national and international charities provides our students with a broader understanding of the world and opportunities for them to make a difference to the world around them.  

Our AKS Partnership Committee has been set up “to ensure AKS has a positive impact on its local and wider community, whilst also supporting student development” 

It is made up of representative students and staff who meet on a monthly basis to review charity requests and decide which ones AKS is able to support. This enables the school to prioritise focus and resource on key projects which will make the biggest impact, enrich our students’ development and which will fit into our school calendar. The committee also review progress and outcomes of ongoing charity partnerships to ensure that they achieve the anticipated benefits.  

If you would like to partner with AKS, or request charitable support, please complete our charity request form below. Charity request forms are reviewed on a monthly basis at the Community Partnership Committee. 

Charities are also offered a 20% discount on room hire

Charity Initiative Request Form

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Thank you for completing the Charity Initiative request form



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