What an "Experience Week" for Year 6!

What an "Experience Week" for Year 6!

What an "Experience Week" for Year 6!

PUBLISHED 07 October 2021

This week Year 6 have had an in-depth exploration into their learning. We have called it 'Experience Week'.  Mr Rice and Mr Avis organised a range of learning opportunities to bring lessons to life. 

Earlier in the week, Year 6 got their Round Square badges for the upcoming year and then got straight on the bus for a trip to a Buddhist temple. It truly was an incredible experience. They met Gen Kelsang Pagpa, who lead them through his own journey of Buddhism and the journey he has found himself on. Pupils have gathered ideas for their R.E. project about the 'Eightfold Path and interpreting their understanding of Nirvana through art and descriptive writing. 

Gen Kelsang Pagpa was incredibly impressed by the questions posed by the pupils of Year 6. Pupils left with a parting message that they will all take into the future. 

"When our mind is governed by compassion, it is always at peace"

This is something pupils will try and work on all throughout Year 6.

On Tuesday pupils made bread the same way the Anglo Saxons did. They did however use an oven and not a fire! It was a great opportunity for the children to see how important micro-organisms are in the production of fermented foods. They also took inspiration from “Cooking with Rice” and made our own Anglo Saxon vegetable stew. 

On Wednesday pupils began their Round Square projects, started discussing their ideas for projects, and set themselves goals to improve the school and learn new skills.

Thursday was superb! The pupils had an Anglo-Saxon experience day. This was an incredible workshop where the pupils got to dress up, act out famous battles and really immerse themselves in Anglo-Saxon life. Having already learned about the attack on Lindisfarne, the children needed to make sure they were suitably attired!

It has been a truly incredible week of learning and fun.  Well done to everyone for really getting into the spirit of the week.

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