Alicia wins national Best in Everyone Award for Music (Composition)

Alicia wins national Best in Everyone Award for Music (Composition)

Alicia wins national Best in Everyone Award for Music (Composition)

PUBLISHED 09 June 2022

Each year, we nominate several students for the Best in Everyone Awards which are open to over 93 schools in the United Learning group of schools, to which we belong. The awards not only enable us to celebrate excellence within our school, but also at a national level. We are delighted to announce that Alicia (Year 13) has won the award for Music (Composition). 

The award ceremony will take place at a black-tie gala dinner for students, their families and school representatives, on 24th June at the Queen's Hotel, Leeds.

Mr Waterhouse, Director of Performing Arts, explained what makes Alicia a worthy winner:

"Alicia is an incredibly creative student, who consistently produces work that is highly original and personal. She is not confined by standard expectations and manages to bring a unique flair to all of her work in music.

Alicia’s A-Level Music composition is astonishingly inventive. She has drawn on a wide range of inspirations, to produce an aesthetic that is truly her own voice. After studying the work of other composers, Alicia decided to incorporate experimental extended playing techniques for a range of instruments in her work. She explored special effects on the piano, as well as singing and playing notes into the open strings to bring out the sympathetic vibrations and natural harmonics. This level of creativity and musical curiosity is well beyond anything that I have encountered in student compositions at any point in my 15-year career.

Alicia skilfully fuses musical idioms to create something truly original and unique, demonstrating the potential to be a world-class composer in the future".

Congratulations Alicia!


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