Prep Concert: Music from Stage & Screen

Prep Concert: Music from Stage & Screen

Prep Concert: Music from Stage & Screen

PUBLISHED 18 March 2022

We were delighted to welcome Mr Thomas' award-winning Blackburn and Darwen band to perform alongside our Year 3-6 Prep School pupils at Wednesday's fabulous 'Music from Stage and Screen' concert in the Senior School Hall.

Our Year 6 Music Ambassadors provided entertaining introductions to music from well-loved films, such as Matilda, Chicken Run, Austin Powers, and Beauty and the Beast amongst others.

The Blackburn and Darwen band opened the programme with Breezing Down Broadway and a stunning performance of Beauty and the Beast before the Prep School Choir took to the stage to provide a hugely entertaining selection of songs from Matilda. It was wonderful to see so many soloist performers having their opportunity to shine - showing how much enthusiasm and talent we have in Prep School.

After another interlude provided by the Blackburn and Darwen band, the Prep School Giant Orchestra delivered their rendition of George Ezra's Shotgun with gusto, before more treats from the brass band and Mr Thomas announcing that what was previously known as the 'Year 5 band' will now be called 'The Attic Monkeys', after hearing that they practice in an attic room at weekends. Lucy stunned with her lead vocal of Coldplay x BTS' Universe, aptly supported by her bandmates, Brody (drums), Freddie (violin), Joe (bass) and Isaac (piano). Perhaps it is a sign of good things to come in that Coldplay also met at school!

The finale of the evening was a rousing joint performance of You Are Not Alone from the Prep School Choir and the brass band. The song was chosen as a tribute to the plight of and in solidarity with Ukraine.

AUTHOR: Alex Brown
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