Prep pupils celebrate Numbers Day in style!

Prep pupils celebrate Numbers Day in style!

Prep pupils celebrate Numbers Day in style!

PUBLISHED 04 February 2022

Today, the Prep School children have been thrilled to take part in the NSPCC Number Day again by raising money to help fund vital services such as Childline. The children were encouraged to come into school wearing a strict digit themed outfit to raise money for this much deserved charity! There were so many fabulous ideas, including children dressed as dominoes and dartboards to name a few, not to mention Mrs Blinston’s ‘Queen of Numbers’ costume!

The children took part in fun maths activities in their classrooms encouraging each other and persevering with difficult puzzles and problem solving! All the classrooms and outdoor areas were buzzing with positivity and competitive rivalry. The children were awarded tokens for every challenge they completed, with the class to receive the most tokens to be rewarded with a free extra playtime and mystery prize next week! Additionally, the class teachers awarded children individually with raffle tickets for those children who could give examples of how they’d used maths in real-life situations outside the classroom. Lucky winners will be pulled from the raffle drum to win some exciting prizes next week!

Thank you to everyone for supporting today’s event, we’ve all had a marvellous day! It’s clear to see how much fun everyone had by looking at today’s photographs! Well done again everyone! Now, here’s some more reporting from the Round Square Service team, highlighting how each year group spent their day throughout the Prep School!

Reception activities – Chinese New Year Maths and hat making!

Reception class enjoyed a fun and lively day of Maths challenges and games to include exploring Chinese patterns, shapes and dragons, allowing the children to investigate complex puzzles and games both inside and out. The children were also busy making some very impressive hats and making sure they were a perfect fit! Great measuring skills Reception!

Year 1 activities – Show me, tell me and prove to me!

There was more hat making in Year 1 today and even a parade! Alongside that, the children did a wonderful job showing and talking about their calculations focusing on factors, multiples, doubles and halves! It was great to hear the children share their understanding of numbers so confidently. Well done everyone!

Year 2 activities – Team games – good old favourites!

Maths Scrabble and ‘Maths Millionaire’ were thoroughly enjoyed in Year 2 today! In groups, the children needed to make as many words as they could with the letters they have and also the total of the words made if numbers were added together. Pupils also played in teams to answer questions playing a variety of interactive grid games and puzzles. It was great to hear the children using mathematical language such as more than, less than, count on and count back!

Year 3 activities – ‘Multiple heartbeats and whole class fun with ‘Blooket challenge!’

Year 3 had a fantastic time carefully selecting their ‘Number Day’ activities to match this terms learning. The children discovered how to find their pulse and record the number of beats their hearts make per minute. They really enjoyed ‘Numbots Scrapyard’ rolling dice to move characters such as ‘Titanium’ around a futuristic zone, completing the maze until they reach ‘Rusty’! They also had great fun playing TT Rock Stars Slam plus a variety of maths-based board games. Great job all of you!

Year 4 activities – A mixed bag! shape artwork, tessellations and much more!

The Year 4 children really enjoyed playing ‘Battle Dice’ competing against each other with two dice taking it in turns to both roll the dice and add up (or subtract, or multiply) the two dice together. The player with the highest number wins! Other games included ‘Chocolate Fractions’ which involved splitting the class into two teams and had to look for a chocolate bar that represented an equivalent fraction, and if they were correct, they earned the chocolate! This was a great activity to motivate the children to practice identifying equivalent fractions.

Year 5 activities – Complex Fibonacci spirals Parabolic curves.

Year 5 have enjoyed a maths packed day! children created some very impressive parabolic curves blending Maths with Art, designed curved shapes from the intersection of straight lines. The children made sure to connect points that were at a 90-degree angle and soon realised the greater the points placed, the more compact the curve. I am sure you’ll agree, this is going to make a fantastic display! Finally, children will explore the Fibonacci sequence in a fun and engaging way, using Fibonacci numbers to create their own characters. It is a great opportunity for children to apply their imagination by thinking about what the formation of the spiral could represent. For example, a snail’s shell.

Year 6 activities - Reporting at its best!

This morning the Year 6 children officially got ‘Number Day’ started delivering a class assembly about the NSPCC, speaking out and staying safe. The children were reminded about ‘Childline’ a service just for children and young people where they can talk to someone if they’re scared or worried about anything. After that, the Year 6 pupils enjoyed stretching their minds with a range of problem-solving challenges linked to this term’s focus on percentages and decimals. This was followed with class favourites ‘Mathionaire’ and Blooket. A big thank you also to the Round Square Service students who provided outstanding coverage by reporting on other year group activities throughout the day at school. Well done everyone!

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