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Space Travel in Year 5
AKS Lytham / 06 November 2017 / Categories: News

Space Travel in Year 5

Year 5 ‘visited space’ in their recent class assembly.   The audience listened to many interesting facts about our solar system, they were entertained with an old-fashioned lightsabre fight between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and DJ Spaceman counted down our favourite top 5 space songs.  It came as no surprise to us that the ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe was Number 1.

The assembly started with the children tricking their audience in to thinking it was going to be all about superstitions as it was on Friday 13th. However, Harry quickly told Mr Briers to change the music – it started with Stevie Wonder, Superstition – to Star Wars and our journey through space began.  Professor Pluto and his assistant, Little John, told us all about the Earth, Sun and Moon; and we acted out a scene from hundreds of years ago when people thought the world was flat!   We explained how we remember the names of the order of the planets; we acted out some great poems, and told some funny jokes about space.   One of our favourites was: How do you make a baby astronaut go to sleep? You rocket!

We wrote letters back home pretending we had visited some of the planets. These included explaining how Mars has the tallest mountain – Olympus Mons – to explaining how Saturn has days of just over 10 hours, so Kirtika said she would have little time to rest at night and not much time to have fun in the day.   After reading our letters, we finished our assembly off with a relaxing song titled ‘Spheres of the Solar System’.

Well done to all of year 5 for a great performance and to our parents and grandparents for enjoying the assembly so much.


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