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Year 6 student Lucy writes a beautiful narrative
Sam Dobson / 24 April 2020 / Categories: Creative Arts

Year 6 student Lucy writes a beautiful narrative

"Do you believe in fairies?"

Do you believe in fairies? I didn’t, until one eventful day...

When the moon rose and darkness fell, Lilly could never sleep. This content, happy little girl and her family lived in a giant, lime house in the countryside with a vast garden which was covered in ivy, bushes and cerise coloured roses.  

Her garden was enormous, she had lots of land. The garden and land were messy and very overgrown as her dad loathed gardening. You may wonder... why have such a big garden if you don’t like gardening? The truth was that we inherited the house and the land from my great grandfather who loved gardening, but as he got older the garden maintenance became too much for him to do.
Lily’s appearance was quite striking as she had long, silky, shiny brown hair like the colour of an oak tree and lovely little freckles across her minute, pale face. She had really blue eyes, like the colour of the ocean flowing, swiftly and she was quite intelligent.

It was a cold night at the Anderson’s and as usual… Lily couldn’t get to sleep. She looked out the window like she did most nights when she couldn’t sleep and saw a lamppost, it was gleaming in the moonlight, like Lily had never seen before.  

Lily kept a diary where she often wrote about her day or sketched pictures of what her garden would look like if it had a make-over with lots of pretty creatures, lots of different trees, a seating area and flowers blossoming. Lily sketched a picture of the gleaming lamppost and she also took some photos with her camera that she got for her recent birthday as she thought the lamppost’s glow was interesting! 

As Lily began to push the button on the camera, all of a sudden something tiny flew across the camera’s view. It was almost like it didn’t want Lily to take a picture of it. Just then frustratingly, Lily’s Dad opened the door and said ”what on earth are you doing Lily” ? ‘’It’s ten o’ clock at night and everyone in the house is asleep”. ‘’ You need to go to bed straight away or there will be no more family days out!”. Lily loved family days out. Her eyes filled with tears, she hated that she couldn’t sleep easily and that her dad had shouted at her for it. As she climbed into bed the tears trickled down her face onto her pillow, she closed her eyes and finally fell asleep. 

It was the next night, and Lily couldn’t help herself but look out the window again but she waited till her dad went to sleep so that he wouldn’t disturb her.  She saw it again, the tiny thing flying and buzzing and this time she opened her bedroom window. The thing flew into Lily’s bedroom and went past her, what was it? Lily followed the thing as it went down the stairs and into the cupboard under the stairs where Lily and her family hang their coats. There was this unusual smell in the cupboard that Lily never smelt before, it was like mossy grass.  

Lily took a closer look at this creature thing... it looked like a tiny fairy that she was following and still couldn’t see who it was or what it was. The fairy turned around to go to hide in the cupboard and saw Lily. It was scared and looked shocked and Lily couldn’t believe this was happening! The fairy said to Lily “who are you?” and “what are you doing here?”. “This is my home and that’s why I’m here” said Lily. Lily couldn’t believe that the fairy could speak! The fairy continued to speak, I’m a fairy” and “my name is Amber”. What are you doing here and where do you live asked Lily?. “You are not supposed to know this but me and my friends live in your coat cupboard and we love it it’s our home”, “our fairyland. “Don’t tell anyone” “promise”!

Lily couldn’t believe what Amber had told her and was excited and intrigued to know more. Who else lived in the cupboard? what were their names? and what did the homemade fairy house look like that they lived in under her staircase. Amber made Lily promise not to tell anyone and to keep the fairies’ location a secret. Lily told Amber her name and Amber showed her around to the fairy house and introduced her to the other fairies, her friends. “This is Scarlett, Anna and Evie”, she said. and they all smiled and were friendly. Amber asked Lily “ I often see you looking out of your window at night and I have to ask, why did you look so sad the other night? “. “it was because I struggle to sleep, and I love looking out into the garden from my window but it’s such a mess with overgrown lawn and trees that hide the view as my dad hates gardening”.

Lily went on to explain to the fairies that the house and garden used to be her late grandfathers who they inherited it from when he passed away but I think the fairies knew as they had seen my late grandfather in the garden often for many years. It’s such a shame said `Amber and her friends. “ We love your garden, it used to be so pretty and lovely, it has so much potential”. After they had finished chatting Lily was tired, so she went up to her bedroom and for some reason she didn’t struggle to sleep tonight. Maybe it was all the excitement of seeing real fairies and getting to meet them. They were so beautiful and friendly.  

The next day, when Lily woke up, she looked out her window and to her amazement the garden had been transformed she’s almost sure by the fairies. Her sketch book was open at the page where she had sketched her perfect garden idea and they had made her garden just like the picture. It was beautiful, the lawn was all nicely trimmed with lines down and looked a healthy rich green colour, the messy rose bushes had been neatly trimmed and there were new benches and a water feature and so much more little details which made the garden look so relaxing and beautiful to see. Lily’s Dad came into her room to wake her up and when he drew the curtains and looked out of the window, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “wow” what has happened to our garden. Lily thought he was mad at first because he just gazed out of the window and didn’t say anything. “I wonder who did that” said Lily’s dad, “I don’t know dad must have been a fairy or something” and her dad laughed.

From that day forward she always believed in fairies and often spent time designing new costumes and ideas for fairy houses to share with her secret new friends. She would spend afternoons playing in the garden which was fun but tiring and that meant that she never had a problem sleeping again.


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