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AKS Scholarship Process 

Children registering for a place with AKS in Year 7 are required to sit our entrance examination and attend a one-to-one meeting with a member of our Senior School leadership team. All children sitting the examination will be considered for an academic scholarship.  We also offer scholarships for music, sport and drama. The process is as follows, dates vary each year and will be communicated upon registration:

  • Register for our entrance exam by the autumn half term;
  • Apply for a non-academic scholarship(s) by the agreed deadline in December;
  • Non-academic scholarship assessments will take place in the two weeks preceding the entrance examination and scholarship awards will be announced after the entrance examination process has been completed. 

In keeping with the school’s values and principles, all our Scholarships are awarded with transparency, honesty, and consistency. They represent a percentage reduction in annual fees and are not dependent upon family income. Further information about scholarship awards is available here.

We aim to make the assessment period as much fun as possible and are looking for potential as well as a proven track record of ability. Full details are available in our Admissions policy

Further information about each assessment is provided below: 

Academic Scholarship

Scholars are identified by a combination of their performance in the entrance exam and a one-to-one meeting (approximately 15-20 minutes' duration) with a member of the Senior School leadership team, in which they are invited to show a piece of work that they are proud of. This will prompt a discussion about their interests.

An Academic Scholar can be characterised as ‘intelligent, interested and interesting’. They will have one or more subjects or intellectual pursuits that particularly excite them, as well as a demonstrable passion for learning in general, and a strong level of academic ability.

Academic Scholars are expected to demonstrate an excellent work ethic, achieving a high level of attainment in their academic studies. They should maintain the general high standards expected of a member of the AKS school community, being a good role model to their peers and an inspiration to younger students and scholars. In addition, we would expect scholars to be eager to participate in academically-enriching events within school and beyond, such as competitions, lectures and so on.

Music Scholarship 

Led by the Director of Performing Arts and lasts 30 minutes. 

Children should bring with them their chosen instrument(s) to play and should be prepared to perform at least one piece on their main instrument. A second instrument may also be offered. In addition, they will be given sight-reading and aural tests as well as discussing their musical activities and interests with the Director of Music. 

Music scholars are expected to help maintain the current high standard of school music by playing a leading role within the school’s choral and instrumental activities, including compulsory membership of the senior school choir. Whilst music scholars need not necessarily wish to pursue a professional musical career, it is expected that they will perform in all school musical concerts throughout their time at AKS. 

Drama Scholarship 

This scholarship assessment lasts half a day and is led by the Director of Performing Arts with the Drama team. Children should wear appropriate practical clothing. 

In advance of the assessment, candidates will be asked to respond to a given stimulus and write a short monologue to memorise and then perform unaided on the day. 

During the assessment, candidates will discuss their monologue, the character and situation with the Director of Performing Arts. In addition, all children will be required to participate in a group session, based around tasks that assess a range of responding, developing, performing and evaluating skills. This activity is designed to look at the candidate’s sensitivity towards themes, their creative co-operation and also their level of acting ability. No prior preparation is required for this part of the assessment. 

A successful drama scholar will be expected to play a leading role in the school’s drama provision, continuing to advance their skills further in the vast array of activities on offer to them throughout their time at AKS. 

Sport Scholarship 

This scholarship assessment lasts half a day and is led by the Director of Sport. 

Children should bring with them an appropriate PE kit. During the assessment, all children will be required to participate in a variety of practical situations, designed to test teamwork, co-ordination and dexterity, speed and agility, together with an aptitude in specific activity related skills. There is certainly no preparation that individual children need to do prior to the assessment, as it is natural ability that we wish to consider. 

The award is open to any child who proves to be committed to sport and who can display an outstanding level of physical ability in one or more activities. A successful scholar will be a sportsperson in the fullest sense, displaying a high level of practical skill and athletic prowess, as well as having the necessary attitude and inclination to pursue all sports offered at AKS and to represent the school at the highest level. 




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